Please excuse the broken links: I am currently in the process of migrating this site to google sites: https://sites.google.com/site/davidmratzan/.  I will no longer update this site.

I am an Assistant Professor (Teaching/Instructional) in the Dept. of Greek and Roman Classics at Temple University in Philadelphia. Before coming to Temple, I was a lecturer in Columbia College Core Curriculum (2011-2013) and served as the Curator of Papyri in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library in Butler Library, where I organized research, teaching, outreach, and digital projects related to the papyrus and epigraphy collections. I still edit the APIS records for the Columbia Papyrus Collection (readily accessibly via papyri.info) and am involved in an ongoing interdisciplinary project investigating the chemical composition and history of ancient inks via Raman spectroscopy.

In addition to a book-length study of contract in Roman Egypt, I have several other publication projects on various topics related to law, economics, and society in the ancient world, including an edited volume with Uri Yiftach-Firanko (Hebrew University) and Dennis Kehoe (Tulane) on transaction costs in the ancient economy; several editions of several papyri; two catalogs of Roman coins from the Dakhleh Oasis; and a series of related articles on law, magic, and economics in the Roman world; and the publication of my M.Phil. thesis on sin, sickness, and the ideological use of infirmaries in the Pachomian monastic community.

Please send all inquires and comments to dmratzan@gmail.com and visit my new website at https://sites.google.com/site/davidmratzan/.

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